Finding Real Life Solutions To Your Tax Problem

Dealing With Tax Penalties And Interest

When tax audits lead to penalties and interest, the mounting debt can be overwhelming. While the IRS may not know or understand what the stress of tax debt can feel like, we at The Law Offices of Robert T. Leonard, do. When you come to us for help with your tax situation, you’re not alone. We will review your situation in close detail and offer candid advice on your options and the steps for resolving your tax debt, guiding you through every step.

Helping You Resolve Tax Disputes

Penalties and interest can accrue on back taxes that are owed but not yet paid. There are a variety of reasons someone may fail to pay their taxes, from missing a filing date to sudden job loss. You could even question the amount of tax assessed and have had trouble getting clear answers from the IRS about the amount owed. Meanwhile, late fees and other penalties or interest continue to grow.

Whether you are facing penalties and interest because of a recent audit, an accumulation of late payments or a failure to pay, we can help. Attorney Robert Leonard focuses his entire practice on the resolution of tax claims in California. With more than 20 years of experience as a tax lawyer, he will review your case history in detail and work toward a resolution that takes your financial considerations into account. This could mean negotiating with the IRS directly, pursuing an offer-in-compromise or taking the matter before the U.S. Tax Court if we cannot come to a satisfactory agreement by negotiation.

Contact Us For Fair And Final Resolution

Located in Woodland Hills and serving clients locally, nationally and internationally, The Law Offices of Robert T. Leonard has the litigation experience and dedication needed to provide clients with a fair and final resolution to their tax penalty and interest issues. For information about how we can help you overcome significant tax penalties and interest, contact our office at 818-485-2115. You may also contact us online.