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IRS Audit Information: Get The Answers You Need From A Tax Attorney

When you find yourself the target of an IRS audit, you will have many questions and seemingly nowhere to turn for the answers you need. Understanding this, we at the Law Offices of Robert T. Leonard strive to provide all of the information that you need to understand the severity of your situation and what options are available to you.

Please note that the information provided below is general in nature, and you should reach out to our firm to obtain answers that are customized to your particular situation. You will speak with Rob directly. Rob draws on more than 30 years of experience in tax controversy law. He is also a CPA (inactive), with a full understanding of the greater financial issues that often arise in association with tax issues.

What Is The Objective Of IRS Audit Representation?

Those who retain our services quickly find that our representation is designed to:

  1. Ensure you are treated fairly by the IRS
  2. Restrict the scope of the audit examination
  3. Ensure that no other tax years are selected for audit
  4. Ensure that no other related entities are selected for audit
  5. Handle all contact with the revenue agent so that you never meet with the revenue agent and you are not subject to an interview
  6. Help you avoid or minimize civil penalties of a tax audit
  7. Prevent your situation from escalating and subjecting you to criminal tax liability

What Is The Statute Of Limitations On Individual Tax Audits?

The statute of limitations for assessments on individual tax returns is typically three years from the date the tax return was filed. This statute of limitations does not begin to toll if you never filed a tax return. If your return reported 25 percent or more below your actual income, then the IRS has six years in which to create an assessment.

Should I Represent Myself In A Tax Audit?

Can you represent yourself? Certainly. Should you represent yourself? In almost every situation, the answer is “no.” You do not want to meet with a revenue agent. You do not want to be subject to a lengthy interview. The IRS has an army of lawyers and CPAs (inactive) on its side, so you need a dedicated IRS audit attorney protecting your interests.

What Is A Revenue Agent Report?

A revenue agent report is generated at the conclusion of a tax audit and contains the evidence and rationale that an agent used to determine how much tax was owed.

What Penalties Can Result From A Tax Audit?

Tax audits can result in wage garnishments, tax liens and levies, a variety of civil penalties and potential criminal culpability. We will discuss all of these potential issues during our initial consultation and provide you with a detailed, customized action plan regarding the audit examination as well as satisfying any tax liabilities in the event of an assessment.

Should I Be Concerned About Criminal Charges Related To A Tax Audit?

Referral for criminal investigation is one of the most severe consequences of an IRS audit. Determining whether you may be subject to a criminal investigation is highly fact sensitive, so you should contact us immediately for personalized advice if you have concerns that you may face criminal culpability based on your tax audit.

What Happens If I Can’t Afford To Pay?

Appealing the outcome of the audit, requesting an installment agreement, submitting an offer in compromise and many other avenues are available to taxpayers who cannot pay additional tax obligations that arise from an IRS audit. We can help you understand the positive and negative effects of these and all other options which you may be able to utilize.

Should I Appeal An IRS Audit?

While appealing a revenue agent’s determination is one way to proceed following an audit, there are many other strategic options that may be more advantageous. Just a few of these include filing a Tax Court petition, or submitting an offer in compromise, installment agreements and filing for bankruptcy.

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