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Skilled Representation In Sales Tax Audit Matters

Of the many taxes that the California State Board of Equalization (SBE) is tasked with administering, sales tax is put under a heightened level of scrutiny. The number of sales tax audits has increased significantly in recent years, and it should be no surprise to receive a notice of sales tax audit, especially for businesses like restaurants, landscaping, clothing, car wash and the automobile industry. These audits are typically burdensome on companies of all sizes and can put your business in a precarious financial situation.

At the Law Offices of Robert T. Leonard, we provide businesses and individual taxpayers with the custom-tailored representation they need to navigate through SBE audits and other complicated state tax matters. We focus our entire practice on tax controversies and tax litigation, which ensures that we remain on the forefront of emerging trends and changes in the law that can benefit our clients. When you retain our services, you will work directly with attorney and CPA (inactive) Rob Leonard at all times. Mr. Leonard understands how much is at stake for you and your business during an SBE audit, and he will work tirelessly to protect you and your company from the financial ramifications and other penalties that may result from an audit.

Comprehensive Audit And Appeal Services

Our representation encompasses all parts of an SBE audit and includes:

  • Handling all correspondence with the agency on your behalf
  • Negotiating with the SBE, such as during the exit conference of subsequent interactions with the SBE’s district principal auditor
  • Advising you on whether you have adequate documentation to satisfy the SBE’s requests or to appeal the SBE’s audit results
  • Helping you provide all relevant documentation to the SBE, including tax returns, business ledgers, sale and purchase logs, and bank statements

We are also equipped to appeal the results of an audit, and to recommend other courses of action if they better serve your needs. We can also represent individuals — those in control of collecting, supervising and paying corporate sales tax — if the SBE attempts to hold them responsible for the company’s tax liability.

Should the SBE refer your case to the IRS for an additional audit of your taxes, we have the resources and familiarity with federal tax law to continue to provide you with the powerful representation you deserve.

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