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Protecting Your Interests In Tax Litigation Matters

Scope of Tax Litigation

Civil and criminal tax litigation involving the IRS or any other government agencies is a matter of utmost importance. Tax audits can result in penalties, collection actions and criminal charges as a result of:

  • Failure to file
  • Unpaid taxes
  • Tax evasion
  • Tax fraud
  • Employment tax underpayment
  • Not responding to a Notice of Deficiency
  • Corporate tax underpayment/underreporting
  • Income tax under withholding and reporting
  • Sales and use tax understatements
  • Unpaid interest and penalties from prior periods
  • Failure to meet the terms of agreements with taxing authorities

Our representation is aggressive, client-focused and results-oriented. We understand that a tax dispute can have devastating effects on your business and personal life. No matter what tax problem you may be facing, we will strive to provide you with the best legal counsel to get your life and business back on track so you can continue to focus on your success.

Settling Matters Outside of Court

The assistance of a skilled tax dispute attorney can sometimes avoid litigation by strengthening your bargaining position. We can effectively navigate your situation and work for a resolution outside of the court process, including:

  • Tax adjustments
  • Reduction of tax penalties/interest
  • Administrative settlements and appeals
  • Offers in compromise (OICs)
  • Installment payment agreements
  • Petitions to the IRS for re-examination of the facts/books

As an experienced tax lawyer, Robert Leonard is qualified and prepared to appeal tax matters until a final and fair resolution of the matter can be accomplished. I have the experience as an effective tax litigator that allows me to advocate zealously on behalf of clients facing tax issues at any level.

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