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Filing an Appeal

The issuance of a revenue agent report does not need to be the final step in the audit examination process. Timely filing an appeal and knowing what arguments to assert, documents to provide, etc. is not a process that can be done by just anyone. It takes years of experience to know the appeal process and obtain a great result. Further, it is in your best interests that your representative be well-regarded and respected by the IRS. There are a number of “mill operations” that are not respected by the IRS and, unfortunately, their clients suffer from their representative having a terrible reputation. Do not let this happen to you. Mr. Leonard has the skills necessary to represent clients with the criteria needed for a successful resolution: careful review of all the pertinent documents; understanding all of the available defenses; ability to persuade and negotiate for the very best result; commitment to resolving the problem, and great instinct and decision making at each important step along the process.

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