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Unpaid Taxes May Result In Passport Revocation Or Denied Renewal

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will issue a CP508C notice to individuals whose tax debt has reached a specific threshold. The CP508C notice certifies a person’s tax account as “seriously delinquent” and prompts the State Department to act by impeding the U.S. passport renewal process.

After receiving certification from the IRS, the State Department has the authority to deny a passport application, revoke an existing passport and/or place limitation on how a debtor’s passport may be used for travel.

What Action Do I Need To Take After Receiving A CP508C Notice?

If you have received a CP508C notice from the IRS concerning seriously delinquent tax debt, you need to take immediate legal action — call attorney Robert T. Leonard at 818-485-2115.

He will help you:

  • Understand the details of the notice, including amount the IRS claims you owe, when payment is due and what steps need to be taken to keep the State Department from revoking, limiting or denying your passport.
  • Initiate contact with the IRS if you have questions, or believe the notice was sent to you by error. This must occur within 30 days of the printed notice date.
  • Prepare for next steps, including representing and protecting your interests during IRS hearings.

It is crucial to take immediate action upon receiving a CP508C notice to avoid passport penalties, problems with the IRS or worse.

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The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the seriousness of passport denial due to deliquent tax debts.