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Legal Counsel For FTB Audits

Any interaction with the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), especially an audit that you did not expect to occur, can put an undue amount of strain on you and your family. You may find yourself with many questions, few answers and an uncertainty about where you can turn for the information and advice you need.

At the Law Offices of Robert T. Leonard, we are committed to removing as much tax-related uncertainty and stress from your life as possible. When you schedule a free consultation, you will meet with attorney and CPA (inactive) Rob Leonard. As an experienced lawyer who has focused his entire career in the field of tax law, Mr. Leonard serves as the trusted guide and assertive advocate that you need during an FTB audit or any other type of tax controversy or tax litigation matter.

What Leads To An FTB Audit?

In many cases, an IRS audit will trigger a subsequent audit by the authorities at the FTB. At the conclusion of an IRS audit, the IRS will send the FTB a notice that the audit has occurred and a copy of the results. This can then lead to the FTB sending you a notice of proposed assessment, which will outline how much additional income tax the agency claims you owe.

Some of the main issues that the FTB looks for when deciding to conduct an audit include:

  • Improper residency classification
  • Change of residency prior to receiving significant income
  • Timing issues associated with bad debt
  • Improper 1031 property exchanges
  • Use of tax shelters by individuals and businesses

Whether these or any other factors lead to an audit, we have the resources, proven tax controversy defense strategies and commitment to legal excellence that is necessary to put you on equal footing with the FTB and other state and federal tax authorities.

Do You Have Concerns About An FTB Audit? Let Us Help You.

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