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Can you survive an Independent Contractor Audit?

The IRS has targeted employers and business owners to ensure tax compliance especially in the area of classifying workers as independent contractors. This area of law is quite complex; and worse yet, is subject to arbitrary rules and inconsistent outcomes. Further, most companies would be unable to pay the staggering payroll tax liabilities as a result of a reclassification by either the IRS or the EDD.

If your company is subject to an employment audit by the IRS or EDD then you need to hire an experienced tax attorney who is quite familiar with this area of law. The potential damages are just too significant to not hire the best tax attorney available.

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Hi I’m Robert Leonard, I’m an attorney and CPA (inactive) and I specialize in tax litigation and tax controversy matters. If a business has employees then they are required to pay payroll taxes. If they fail to pay their payroll taxes then the IRS will post interest and significant penalties. These liabilities can quickly get out of hand and before they know it, they have a serious problem on their hands. It’s quite common for businesses to incur significant payroll tax problems. Sometimes the business is just short of cash. If the business does not pay the landlord or suppliers then they will be out of business very quickly. Not so with the IRS because they are slow in collection. Some business owners hope by the time the IRS calls they’ll be caught up with the payroll taxes. Unfortunately, that usually doesn’t happen and the tax problems grow quarter after quarter.

There are a number of possible solutions to their tax problem, even if they are not in compliance. Even if they have not filed quarterly payroll tax returns but they need to hire an experienced tax attorney to resolve their payroll tax problem.

Due to the complexity of payroll taxes there are very few tax attorneys who specialize in this area. As their attorney, I will evaluate their particular situation and devise the best solution for them. These options include an offer in compromise, evading penalties or entering into an installment agreement.

Filing for bankruptcy will not solve their payroll tax problems even if the business is a corporation. The IRS may still be able to collect a portion of the payroll tax debt from the owners and officers. This is known as a trust fund recovery penalty or civil penalty. I can determine if somebody will be held liable for the trust fund recovery penalty, and if they should not be held liable then I will ensure that the IRS revenue officer or appeals is unsuccessful in asserting that claim.

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