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  • Hello Robert,

    I just want to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for patiently helping me settle my issue with the IRS. I feel like i can now exhale and breathe a lot better.

    I want to let you know as well that for the past years that you have been handling my case you are always a part of my everyday prayer and now after sharing me the good news, i now know and realized more that God gave you to me as my lawyer because He knows i will be in good hands .

    Thank you, thank you and thank you .


  • Robert Leonard has represented me personally and my company for many years. Through a long and ugly battle with the IRS I was well taken care of in the most professional manner. Mr. Leonard’s expertise and hard driving handling of my case caused the agents involved to revise multiple decisions, retract and apologize for mistakes and in the end rule in our favor.

    My obligation to the IRS was staggering. In the end Mr. Leonard was able to obtain an amazing result with only pennies on the dollar. My percentage of payment was dramatically lower than any claims I have seen advertised and any that I have ever heard or read about.

    I thank Mr. Leonard for his outstanding work on my behalf and would highly recommend his services.


    -Mark Simone, PT

  • Robert has helped our corporation in many ways, we have used his counsel not only for our tax matters but for general business matters as well. And he expertly took care of our IRS problem. His knowledge has proven invaluable and he’s a great person to work with.

    – Richard

  • My name is Paul and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be represented by Robert Leonard.

    I was frantic when I received correspondence from the IRS several years ago, and in my mind my life was over because of all the horror stories I heard about being audited. After my first meeting with Mr. Leonard my mind was far more settled and I could see some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Mr. Leonard’s office staff was so professional and comforting, and he was so incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the law. He was also very confident that there would be a successful outcome in my case and he was right.The case was settled and I was very happy with the results.

    I would recommended Mr. Leonard’s practice to anyone with tax problems or anything related to the IRS.


  • Dealing with the IRS can be overwhelming. Not just in time spent, but also in breadth of knowledge necessary to adequately communicate and eventually negotiate with them. It’s a daunting, formidable task that no person should attempt alone. The best thing I ever did for myself and my family was call Robert Leonard. There isn’t always just ONE single way to solve a problem and Mr. Leonard is really expert at examining your specific issue and offering you several alternatives to address it. Mr. Leonard did an amazing job of helping us resolve our issues with the IRS. I say “helped” us, but the truth is that Mr. Leonard really did all of the work. He was always very communicative about what was happening, but oftentimes he had already attended to an issue or answered a question from the IRS before I even knew it had been asked. I don’t say this often or lightly, but I would have no hesitation placing 100% of my trust in Mr. Leonard’s hands now and at any point in the future.


  • Robert Leonard is more than a lawyer, he is a concerned and highly interested friend to my legal matters, myself and my family…the only lawyer in LA that cares. Rob not only saved my company and my life by taking on the IRS and winning a solution that I never thought could be achieved. Through no fault of mine and due to a very bad bookkeeper I was being “attacked” by the IRS. At first I chose another lawyer to represent me that only made the matter worse and it wasn’t until Rob got involved that my company, my peace of mind and my future was secure. Since Mr. Leonard Esquire did such a wonderfully brilliant job for me I decided to assign Rob as my general counsel for all personal and corporate dealings. He is a tax attorney of the highest level but I made him a power counselor at every level. Rob counsels with my movie distribution companies and my WORLD boots invention because his mind works well in all legal areas…I highly recommend Rob for any legal work but if the IRS is after you than call Rob as your champion and savior…and he doesn’t charge enough for what he is worth.


  • Rob, Thank you very much for everything that you have done to bring this long ordeal to an end. From he beginning until the case was closed, it was a very complicated situation which required handling multiple board members, with different personalities. You handled everyone including the difficult, unreasonable and completely unprofessional appeals officer with great touch, finesse and expertise. I am very pleased with the outcome and I do feel that we were represented by the very best tax attorney in California. It was a pleasure working with you, thank you for making a difficult process easier to manage. If I or my employer ever find a need of legal tax advice in the future, you will be my first call.


Professional Recommendations

  • I have known & worked with Robert Leonard for many years. Our work together has been challenging in its’ complexity, and he has always risen to the occasion.

    A good guy!

    -Steve Lacher, C.P.A.
    Lodgen, Lacher, Golditch, Sardi, Saunders, & Howard LLP

  • I have worked with Robert Leonard for more than 20 years in various areas of tax. He has helped in both controversies and planning, resulting in reducing potential tax on future transactions by creative design and examination assessments by aggressive posture.

    -Donald Lucove, CPA (inactive)
    Lucove, Say & Co

  • Robert Leonard has represented my clients for over 15 years. He has handled many complex tax issues and has an impeccable grasp and understanding of tax problems for Professional Athletes and Entertainment professionals. In these uncertain times, it is so comforting having an advocate such as Robert Leonard to handle these matters. A recommendation goes without saying.

    -Steven L. Shapiro, CEO

  • I have had the opportunity of working with Robert Leonard on several occasions. His efforts have changed the entire trajectory of some of the lives of our mutual clients. The clients saw no way to get out from under the huge burden of their tax liability . Once Rob had negotiated an Offer in Compromise on their behalf with the IRS, they were able to quickly pay off that amount and really start to move on with their lives. The financial stress level was greatly reduced, the angst and fear were removed and they could finally see a future beyond the immediate threat of losing everything to the IRS.

    -Larry Hymes, Esq.
    Anker Hymes & Schreiber LLP

  • Robert T. Leonard, ESQ., CPA (inactive) has been associated with our Firm for the last couple of years. My Partners have utilized Mr. Leonard’s Firm on a number of occasions and have been quite pleased. When one of my clients was recently presented with an Internal Revenue Service audit that had the potential to result in a rather large assessment I thought it best that we introduce our client to Mr. Leonard’s Firm.

    After providing Mr. Leonard with the background with the case we all met to discuss how best to proceed. The client was extremely impressed with the professionalism and “bedside manner” that Mr. Leonard brings to the table.

    After working with the Internal Revenue Agent on this case for a couple of months the results that were arrived at were extremely satisfactory and we believe that the results were commensurate with the experience and abilities of Mr. Leonard’s Firm.

    End result is that the client and our Firm was once again very satisfied with Mr. Leonard’s services and will continue to utilize Mr. Leonard on a go forward basis.

    -Mark D. Reader, CPA (inactive), MST, CGMA
    Jaye, Reader & Rhodes, LLP

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