Finding Real Life Solutions To Your Tax Problem

Why You Need A Tax Attorney: Your Guide To Complex Legal Matters

There is no shortage of tax return preparer’s, enrolled agents, CPA (inactive)’s and others who try and handle a tax controversy matter. The problem is that they don’t have the requisite experience to handle these matters as they only handle a few problems during the course of a year. They are experienced with bookkeeping and preparing tax returns but they lack the day-to-day meetings with revenue officers and revenue agents to competently handle your tax matter. Further, they struggle to be up-to-date on recent changes made by the IRS and other government agencies and as a result submit outdated forms, utilize disregarded strategies, etc.

An Experienced Tax Controversy Representative

The Law Offices of Robert T. Leonard specializes in tax controversies and tax litigation matters such as audits, offers in compromise, tax fraud, and employment tax audits and resulting liabilities. Mr. Leonard practices exclusively in this area of tax law so you will obtain the best possible representation and need not worry that your representative does not know the latest changes to IRS, FTB and EDD procedures, or, most importantly, lacks the requisite knowledge and experience to create a customized action plan to resolve your tax matter.

Credibility Counts

There are a number of “mill operations” that profess to save you “pennies on the dollar”. Their business model is to handle volume so they advertise as much as possible. And, they hire inexperienced recent high school and college graduates to represent you. They understand that a majority of their clients will be dissatisfied but a volume practice doesn’t matter. So, they are not bothered by the numerous “fraud” complaints posted on the internet.

Besides taking your hard earned money and providing no value there is another significant disadvantage to hiring a mill operation. They lack credibility with the IRS based upon the poor quality work which is provided. A horrible reputation is established and one that cannot be overcome. Consequently, the IRS revenue officers and revenue agents essentially ignore any submissions from these mill operations and deny all requests.

Mr. Leonard enjoys a fantastic reputation with the IRS and other government agencies. He is well regarded by the IRS as an experienced tax attorney committed to his clients best interests. Consequently, you need not worry that your representative, or his proposals, will be ignored by the IRS.

Confidential Communications

The conversations that you share with your representative are not privileged unless your representative is a licensed attorney. Do not make the mistake of providing sensitive information to your representative. The IRS can, and often will, compel your representative to divulge such information. When working with the Law Offices of Robert T. Leonard, APC, you are working directly with Rob Leonard, a licensed attorney who is an experienced tax litigator and CPA (inactive) — who is knowledgeable in tax law and associated financial matters.

Call for a Free Consultation with a Tax Lawyer

Do not hesitate to call 818-485-2115 to arrange a consultation with Rob. When you work with the Law Offices of Robert T. Leonard, APC, you will speak with Rob and work with Rob–one-on-one–at every stage of your legal problem. We are based in Woodland Hills and proudly serve clients in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside counties and other communities across the country.