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Building A Strong Defense Against Criminal Tax Matters

When special agents of the IRS visit your home or place of business, or when you find that your tax matter has been referred to the IRS’ Criminal Investigation division, you need the counsel of a defense attorney right now. Charges of tax fraud and tax evasion expose you to the risk of a lengthy prison sentence and other collateral consequences that can cause permanent damage to your personal and professional lives.

These serious matters cannot be effectively handled by a CPA (inactive) (as no attorney-client privilege exists) or by an attorney who does not regularly practice in this area, so your choice of a legal advocate is exceptionally important.

Comprehensive Representation. Experienced Counsel.

The Law Offices of Robert T. Leonard routinely handles tax fraud and evasion cases for clients in California and throughout the country. Our firm is solely focused on tax controversies and litigation. This concentrated approach allows us to remain on the cutting edge of developments in the field of tax law, and to provide our clients with the innovative defense strategies that are necessary to obtain successful resolutions to criminal tax matters.

Those who retain our services work directly with attorney Rob Leonard, who has devoted his entire career to resolving tax controversies and tax litigation. Mr. Leonard is both a lawyer and a CPA (inactive), and his dual licensure in these disciplines allows him to provide you with representation that is based on in-depth accounting knowledge and proven defense strategies. His experience spans more than two decades, and includes time spent working on money laundering issues and violations of the Bank Secrecy Act at the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, U.S. Department of Treasury.

Our Criminal Tax Defense Practice

We have the resources and insight needed to provide you with aggressive defense against all types of tax crime charges. We defend individuals and entities that are being investigated for:

  • Tax fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Failure to file a tax return
  • Filing false statements or supporting documents
  • Removal or concealment of financial information
  • Failure to supply information requested by the government
  • Fraudulent withholding/exemptions
  • Omnibus clause violations
  • Offshore accounting issues

Even if the specific action being examined by the IRS does not fall into the categories listed above, it is vital to contact us if you find yourself the subject of any tax-related investigation. We have negotiated reasonable resolutions for many clients involved in alleged tax schemes leading to criminal charges. In many cases, criminal tax penalties can be avoided altogether by involving an experienced tax fraud lawyer at the early stages of a tax controversy.

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