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Business Audit Examinations: Can You Handle An Interview By A Revenue Agent?

Can you handle an Interview by a Revenue Agent?

An IRS audit of your business, whether it’s a sole-proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation, is stressful, time consuming and intrusive. Generally, the revenue agent will want to begin the audit by interviewing the owner of the business. This interview can cause a lot of problems (and sleepless nights) especially if the revenue agent later determines that certain answers were false or non-responsive. Further, the revenue agent is trained to handle these interviews in an intimidating fashion and with the objective of having you concede to mistakes on the returns. You do not want to find yourself in this situation. The solution to this problem – hire an experienced tax attorney.

My experience in dealing with revenue agents means that you won’t have to be interviewed. The interview process can be the most sensitive part of the audit investigation and my representation will ensure that you will not have to be interviewed.

Providing Documents Responsive to the Information Document Request (IDR)

The interview by the IRS revenue agent is not the only obstacle to face in an audit examination. Knowing what documents to provide, and not provide, in response to an Information Document Request is a critical component to successfully navigating an audit examination. And, the explanation given for not providing certain documents is a skill that requires in-depth experience and knowledge of the IRS procedures.

You owe it to yourself to have this matter handled with the utmost care by a skilled tax attorney. Tax attorney Robert Leonard has significant experience with representing individuals at IRS audits. His private practice focuses on representing taxpayers in complex IRS audits.

If the matters at issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved at the audit level then the taxpayer has the right to appeal the revenue agent’s report. Mr. Leonard has a proven track record at the IRS appeals level.

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