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Have You Been Assessed A Return Preparer Penalty?

Have you Been Assessed a Tax Ret Preparer Penalty

The IRS has increased its scrutiny of tax return preparers in an effort to curb perceived abuse. The investigation of the tax return preparer is detailed and time consuming. You cannot expect the IRS to drop its case after an initial review.

If the IRS sees a pattern of deductions (education credits, earned income credits, charitable, employee business expense, schedule C, etc.) that cannot be supported on several tax returns prepared by the same preparer then the IRS will most likely initiate an investigation. It is critical that the return preparer obtain competent representation especially before an interview.

There are a number of penalties which may be asserted from this investigation. The penalties can range from aiding and abetting the understatement of tax liability to failure of the preparer to comply with due diligence requirements. If you have been selected for investigation then it is critical that you retain an experienced tax attorney to handle this sensitive matter.

Robert T. Leonard, Esq., CPA (inactive), has successfully represented numerous tax return preparers. He is often called upon to represent tax professionals (whether attorneys, CPAs (inactive) or enrolled agents) in their own tax disputes.

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