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Collection Statute Expiration Dates: When Will The IRS Stop Collection Efforts?

There is a defined, statutorily imposed time limit on IRS collections after which time the IRS may no longer seek payment of delinquent taxes. This collection statute expiration date (CSED) is calculated to expire 10 years after the date a tax was assessed. However, there are a few different ways in which the CSED may be extended.

Referring to the wrong CSED or incorrectly believing that collection efforts will no longer proceed can needlessly expose individuals and businesses to financial uncertainty. As such, it is imperative to speak with a seasoned tax law attorney so that you know precisely when the expiration dates will expire for the various tax liabilities.

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Factors That Extend The CSED

Some of the actions that will cause the tolling or suspension, and subsequent adjustment, of the CSED and defer the date when collection efforts must cease include:

  • Initiating a collection due process (CDP) appeal
  • Filing an offer in compromise (OIC)
  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Signing a waiver

While this list shows a sample of the various situations that can cause a CSED to extend beyond the original 10-year expiration date, it is not exhaustive. Contact our office to discuss your CSED issues and receive advice that is custom-tailored to your specific situation.

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