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Worker Classification And Employment Tax Audit Initiative: What Employers Should Know

The IRS is aggressively pursuing its employment tax audit initiative which is to ensure that companies are not improperly treating employees as independent contractors. The number of IRS payroll audits has increased significantly and you are possibly risking your company’s future by playing the “audit lottery”, which in other words, just hoping that you are not selected for audit. There are steps that can be taken now, before an IRS or EDD audit which can significantly increase your chance of prevailing in an audit.

Do I Face Personal Liability?

Yes. If the workers are reclassified then the business owner or any other “responsible person” can be personally responsible for the assessed payroll tax liabilities. Employers should be concerned that a payroll tax audit could have disastrous results for both the company and those considered responsible persons.

Robert T. Leonard, Esq., CPA (inactive), has more than 20 years of experience in resolving worker classification audits and other tax-related matters. Mr. Leonard works aggressively to ensure that a proposed IRS reclassification is defeated by examining all possible consequences in the event the employer will be assessed a significant tax liability.

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