Get Experienced Legal Counsel For Business Tax Audits

The IRS has renewed its focus of audits on the wealthy as well as business owners and professional service providers including attorneys, doctors and CPAs. These tax audits have the potential of causing significant problems for the taxpayer especially if the tax return preparer was not careful in the preparation of the returns or certain records are missing to support the return.

You Need An Attorney Who Understands Tax Law

The IRS audit is designed to ensure that the numerous representations made on the tax returns can be supported and that the complex provisions of the Internal Revenue Code are met. The IRS audit cannot be handled by someone without expertise in this matter. It should not be handled by the CPA who prepared the return nor an accountant/CPA who only represents a few cases each year.

It must be handled by a tax attorney who is well familiar with all aspects of tax litigation and appeals as well as representing taxpayers in U.S. Tax Court as all these factors may influence the audit. Robert T. Leonard, both an attorney and CPA, has extensive experience in audit representation and represents a substantial part of his exclusive practice.

Contact A Lawyer If Your Business Is Being Audited By The IRS

If you are facing the prospect of a business tax audit, get experienced legal representation on your side as soon as possible. Call 818-224-7935 or 888-408-9486 (toll free) to arrange a free initial consultation with Mr. Leonard. You may also contact us online. We are based in Woodland Hills and proudly serve clients in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and other communities across the country.