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Who can benefit from tax relief strategies?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2017 | Marriage Tax Penalty, Tax Liens |

If you are concerned about whether (or when) the IRS is going to exercise its enforcement powers and make your life miserable, radio advertisements for tax relief companies may catch your attention. The general pitch is that they can possibly help in defending against tax levies and reduce the amount you may end up owing (and paying). But are all of these claims true? Better yet, are they a better option than enlisting a tax attorney?

Bear in mind that the most reputable tax relief agencies rely on experienced tax attorneys. So there may not be a difference in that regard. As for the people (or businesses) that can benefit from tax relief strategies, they include the following:

Those dealing with federal tax liens or levies – A government lien on a property may not be so terrible right now, but when the government decides to foreclose on the lien, problems can certainly arise.

Innocent spouses – We have noted in a number of posts that spouses who have filed joint tax returns may be held liable and need help in avoiding hefty penalties and fines applicable simply because they were married to an unscrupulous spouse.

Businesses with back payroll taxes – A struggling business may need help to stay afloat. Helping with outstanding tax bills is a critical part.

Those with garnished wages – Every employee has financial obligations to meet when they are paid. When the federal government garnishes wages, these obligations can be compromised quickly. A tax attorney can help by obtaining relief from such garnishments.

If you have questions about whether a tax relief company or an attorney is right for you, please feel free to contact us.


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