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How an attorney can help in dealing with the IRS

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2015 | IRS, Tax Controversy |

For those who have the misfortune of having to do so, dealing with the IRS is not always a pleasant experience; especially when you owe money to the federal government. Because of this frustration, changing the tax code is a popular topic among political candidates, and it is likely going to be a subject of debate in the coming presidential debates leading up to next year’s election.

But in the meantime, individuals and businesses must operate under the current code, which has been notoriously difficult to navigate. Even more frustrating, according to a recent article, is dealing with the agency itself. Apparently, the only semblance of service is only in the government agency’s name; and any changes to the tax code will have little effect if the IRS is not changed as well. 

The reasons for the IRS’ bad reputation can be debated. Some may believe that chronic underfunding could play into its reputation. After all, when staff workers are overwhelmed, it is difficult as a practical matter for stellar customer service to be executed. Others may believe that the very nature of the IRS contributes to its status. When your primary existence is to separate people from their money, chances are that people are not going to have a high opinion of your organization.

Regardless, having an experienced tax attorney with you when dealing with the IRS can be a difference maker. A skilled lawyer will not be intimidated by the IRS and will know the extent of its powers and where it may be exceeding them. If you have questions, an experienced lawyer can help.


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