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Feeling pressured by the IRS about appeals?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2015 | Tax Controversy |

A taxpayer may feel very vulnerable when they are in a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is a large government organization that has some very significant powers, so it can be very intimidating to face off against this organization. Sometimes, in disputes with the IRS, a taxpayer may feel pressure (either intentional or inadvertent) from the IRS to make certain choices when it comes to the major decisions before them in the dispute.

If a taxpayer has had a levy notice or lien notice issued against them by the IRS, one big decision they generally will have to make is whether to challenge the lien/levy and, if so, when. There is a process through which such challenges can be made. It is called a collection due process appeal.  

This sort of decision is among the decisions taxpayers could potentially experience IRS pressure in relation to. This decision can impact many rights and options for a taxpayer, so if a taxpayer makes this decision based on pressure they felt from the IRS rather than through fully taking into account their situation, they could potentially find their interests significantly hurt.

Thus, when this sort of decision and other major decisions come before a taxpayer in a tax dispute, it can be important for them to look past IRS pressure to the whole picture. Things that can help taxpayers with this include:

  • Understanding one’s rights.
  • Understanding what options one has and what the implications of these options could be.
  • Going to an experienced tax attorney for guidance and support.

Our firm has a great deal of knowledge on collection due process appeals and other complex aspects of tax disputes. We can help clients get the information and support they need when making decisions about collection due process appeals and other big decisions related to disputes with the IRS.


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