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Many federal employees delinquent with taxes

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2015 | Delinquency |

In the weeks leading up to tax day each year most people who live in the United States are aware that they need to complete their tax returns, file them and in some cases pay the government what is owed. Some people take care of them as soon as the necessary documentation becomes available while others scramble at the last minute to get them in before the due date. For a variety of reasons, others are delinquent. One group that is currently receiving attention for this is federal employees. 

According to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, in 2014, the number of federal workers who failed to pay the income tax owed was at 113,800, or approximately 4 percent of all who work for the federal government. According to the IRS, last year the amount in back taxes members of that demographic owed is $1.14 billion. Individuals who are delinquent in their 2014 taxes include those who work in the following areas:

  • Congressional employees
  • Military
  • Energy department
  • Treasury department
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Housing and Urban Development

As is the case with anyone who is delinquent with paying their income taxes these individuals could face penalties. In some situations the IRS might decide to pursue criminal charges against the delinquent taxpayer. Because these penalties can be harsh, it is a good idea for those who find themselves in this position to seek the assistance of a tax lawyer. These individuals can often help a delinquent taxpayer to achieve a better outcome than they otherwise would.


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