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August 2014 Archives

Possible consequences for failing to file income tax return

There are many reasons why someone might fail to file a federal income tax return. According to one statistic, approximately 5 percent do not fulfill this obligation each year. That’s the equivalent of around 7 million taxpayers. Whatever the reason behind failing to file, the Internal Revenue Service has one objective—to get what it is owed. Accordingly, it is not afraid to aggressively pursue those who are delinquent in filing their return.

Tax matters continue to arise after death

If there’s one good thing about death, it means that your no longer have to deal with what are often complex and time consuming tax matters. This does not mean that taxes related to one’s estate completely disappear however. Instead, someone left behind will have to deal with financial matters. For those whose estates meet a certain threshold, estate taxes will be an issue. 

IRS warns again about tax scam

Upon filing a tax return many people think little about income taxes or the Internal Revenue Service the remainder of the year. Imagine then just how disturbing it is to receive a phone call purportedly from the IRS, demanding additional payment. For approximately the past year, individuals throughout the nation have received such calls. The problem is, the calls are not legitimate. They are from individuals pretending to be from the IRS.

Are you at risk for being audited?

The phase “income tax audit” strikes fear into the hearts of most people who reside in the Los Angeles, California, area. There is good reason for this as the process is not only intimidating but can be time consuming as well. Audits that do not go well for the taxpayer will likely result in having to pay additional amounts to the Internal Revenue Service. Those who find themselves in this situation can also expect to pay interest and penalties.

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